I'm configuring my application as a saml provider and for this I have used simplesamlauth module. This module (simplesamlphp_auth) provides the ability to make a Drupal site into a SAML Service Provider (SP).

Now while configuring this module, I'm confused about the values that it will take as inputs.

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I used SAML tracer, where I'm getting SAML response. Is it from here I will get any kind of attribute that need to be configure at /admin/config/people/simplesamlphp_auth/sync page?

Because right now it is giving me error:

Error in simplesamlphp_auth.module: no valid \"nameid\" attribute set.\" at /var/www/html/modules/contrib/simplesamlphp_auth/src/Service/SimplesamlphpAuthManager.php line 165",

What would be the unique identifier for the user and username for the user?

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The General values for same will be as follows:




but if these not works you can also check the values in Metadata XML received from your IDP.

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