Could you please help me, i'm trying to print a block of html code.

Im using a template file wid.tpl.php i need to pass some variables:

$htmlget = theme('wid',array('id'=> $id,'temp'=> $temp,'game'=> $game));

and this is my code on that file:

$list = get_defined_vars();

print "<style>
.Opta h2{background-color: #ff191e !important;}
<link rel='stylesheet' href='https://secure.widget.cloud.opta.net/v3/css/v3.football.opta-widgets.css'>
<script src='https://secure.widget.cloud.opta.net/v3/v3.opta-widgets.js'></script>
    var opta_settings = {
    subscription_id: 'bccfa17c076140fd251fc5edc10c4dc6',
    language: 'es_CO',
    timezone: 'America/Mexico_City'
 <div id='container-opta-all-widget'> 
        <opta-widget competition=". $idcompetition." season=". $temporada." match=". $idgame."></opta-widget>

but i need run that javascripts files v3.opta-widgets.js and that between <script> tags to add somethings to container-opta-all-widget tag

how can i do that


You should preprocess the template itself in template.php, and call drupal_add_js to add inline JS like that when you need it.


You can do the same with drupal_add_css too.

HTML code does not need to go within <?php ?> tags. Just write it as normal and inject your variables like <?php print $variable; ?>.

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