I have a textfield autocomplete field that shows a list of full user names and email addresses as designed but when a user is selected, the user id is displayed in the field; not the name and email address. This is the form element:

$form['people'] = [
  '#type' => 'textfield',
  '#placeholder' => t('Search by name'),
  '#autocomplete_route_name' => 'my_module.people',

This is the autocomplete handler in the controller:

public function handleAutocomplete(Request $request) {

  $query = $this->database->select('simplenews_subscriber', 'ss');
  $or = $query->orConditionGroup()
    ->condition('pa.address_given_name', '%' .$request->query->get('q') . '%', 'LIKE')
    ->condition('pa.address_family_name', '%' .$request->query->get('q') . '%', 'LIKE');
  $query->leftJoin('simplenews_subscriber__subscriptions', 'sss', 'sss.entity_id = ss.id');
  $query->leftJoin('profile', 'p', 'p.uid = ss.uid');
  $query->leftJoin('profile__address', 'pa', 'pa.entity_id = p.profile_id');
  $query->fields('ss', ['uid', 'mail']);
  $query->fields('pa', ['address_given_name', 'address_family_name']);
  $query->range(0, 10);

  $results = $query->execute()->fetchAll();

  $users = [];

  foreach ($results as $user) {
    $users[] = [
      'value' => $user->uid,
      'label' => $user->address_given_name . ' ' . $user->address_family_name . ' (' . $user->mail . ')',

  return new JsonResponse($users);

The autocomplete textfield populates properly. I just want the first name, last name and email address to show after a selection has been made.


You can find an idea in the forum, I also gave a small contribution:


I am convinced that autocomplete suffers from design flaws and I would like to use a customized version, but I don't know how to proceed. In the meantime, the technique outlined in the discussion in the forum could put you on track for a solution.

  • I convinced the client to change requirements to use a select with fewer values but your answer is both relevant and useful so I upvoted it. Thank you! – user320691 Jul 11 '18 at 16:50

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