I'm looking to log clicks from generated URLs that are sent via email. I need to be able to query these log entries and display the results to my users using the Views module.

What I need to track.

  • Unique ID from URL clicked.
  • Date and Time URL was clicked.
  • Node reference (Predefined from UID)
  • User reference (Predefined from UID)

Currently, my plan is to create a new content type and use references as a makeshift logging system, but this seems very bulky and expensive. Is there a way to drastically improve node_save() performance?

What would be the recommended way to accomplish a click log in Drupal? Low overhead and Views integration are important.

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You want analytics/statistics tracking on some urls ? This has little to do with emails, or Views.

Typically you would use something like Google Analytics. There is a free open-source version with Drupal integration called Piwik. The Piwik module lets users see analytics detail(s). You may be able to setup a "Goal" per user of the urls they should be able to see tracking for, see also the sister module Piwik Reports.

The builtin Statistics module can count page views ... you could try to integrate it into Views maybe if you want. The Statistics Pro module has no D7 port yet, and sounds like what you want.


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