I have problems to configure my dupal 7 installation to allow entering tables.

I will add the link to the page I mean because not everytime sure that I use the right words.

I have created a type (admin/structure/types) which has four fields (admin/structure/types/manage/my-type-name/fields). The field body (admin/structure/types/manage/my-type-name/fields/body) has set filtered text as text processing. The selectbox under the CK-Editor has the value Filtered HTML. I tried to set its value to a custom clone of Filtered HTML which allows the attentional tags table, td, th and thead.

How can I allow tables for a special kind of type?


You can use Full Html to allow tr th and table but If you need to use Filtered HTMl for security reason you can use wysiwyg_filter Module that allow you to add some html tags to filtered html about select box under ck-editor it's a permission problem that only filtered html appear


Related issue at CKEditor table td style not showing in frontend.

Check your ckeditor settings at /admin/config/content/ckeditor, had to disable "advanced content filter" (or well, reconfigure the editor), which was strapping all html tags not present in the editor features.

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    – rekire
    Apr 18 '18 at 5:56

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