I have an ansible script that transfers a production database to my devel server, then runs a few Drush commands to prepare it (e.g. updating the filesystem settings, clearing the cache).

A more complex task is updating a nested configuration value like the following one.

  default-system: SmtpMailSystem
  maillog: MaillogMailSystem

Supposedly I ought to be able to do this with drush ev (aka php-eval) and variable_get() and variable_set() as with drush7 ev '$v = variable_get("file_public_path")', but I get this error message.

Error: Call to undefined function variable_get() in /usr/local/bin/drush7.4.0/commands/core/core.drush.inc(1122): eval()'d code, line 1

It does work correctly when I use the interactive shell.

drush7 core-cli
self> variable_get('mail_system');
array:2 [
  "default-system" => "SmtpMailSystem"
  "maillog" => "MaillogMailSystem"

I can work-around it by reading the content of $conf easily enough.

drush7 ev 'global $conf; echo $conf["mail_system"]["default-system"];' 

Writing involves a database query and clearly variable_set() is in core.

Why cannot I use variable_get() and variable_set()?

I am using Drush 7.4.0 and Drupal 7.59.

(I also have Drush 8.1.16 available, but that's much use for this, Drush 8's cget and cset require Drupal 8, and Drush 8 doesn't have Drush 7's vget and vset.)


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It seems you are confusing Drush 8 and 9 - Drush 8 has vget and vset.

Using Drush 8, the following two commands worked:

drush vget "mail_system"

drush ev 'print_r(variable_get("mail_system"));'

PS! Drush 7 isn't supported and you should use Drush 8 (currently 8.1.17) for Drupal 7.

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