I have a Drupal Commerce product with two variations.

  • Variation A - 18 euro - SKU 123
  • Variation B - 30 euro - SKU 234

Is it possible to apply a promotion only on Variation B?

I am using Drupal Commerce 8.x-2.4.


You need to implement you own promotion condition plugin. Theres a condition plugin defined in commerce_product module in Commerce module since 2.0 release but I recommend you to use latest stable release. Check this class Drupal\commerce_product\Plugin\Commerce\Condition\OrderItemVariationType thus it only checks for variation type (aka bundle), you can easily write your own checking specific product variation instance. Also worth checking OrderItemProduct condition plugin I think you need a mix from both. This plugin is located in the same namespace than the first one.


There's a feature request for that see this link. Thanks to @bojanz!

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