How to get an object of Order (or something similar - details of an order!) by providing order id? Perhaps, some kind of code like: $order = order_load($orderId);

I'm new to Ubercart (3.x)/Drupal (7.x) and searched the title but found no solutions.

I need to create a view/page by custom module which displays "My Purchases" or "My Sells"

I need to get complete Order details, by providing order-id. Also need the creator/seller and buyer info of the order.

Can someone give me some PHP example/other ways possibly using a View?


Using the Ubercart API at api.ubercart.me, it is

$orders = uc_order_load($orderId);

$orders is an array, so $order = $orders[0];

See: http://api.ubercart.me/api/drupal/ubercart!uc_order!uc_order.module/function/uc_order_load/7


You can use this as well

$result = db_query("SELECT order_id FROM {uc_orders} WHERE order_status 
IN ('abandoned', 'pending') ");
$deleted = 0;
 foreach($result as $row){
drupal_set_message($deleted . ' Abandoned or Pending Orders deleted', 'status');

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