I am struggling to sort out how to insert a lot of records using db_insert

Please see below for the code.

I can't have a for loop in the array. It breaks but I am dealing with looping through a lot of data. 48 (states) X 365 (# days) X 36 years.

What is the best way of accomplishing this?


$query = db_insert('HDD')
  for ($s = 0; $s <= $cnt; $s++) {
    'HDDDAYS' => $time, //Loops through the dates
    'AL'=> $output1[$sts[0]][$dts[$s]],
    'AR'=> $output1[$sts[1]][$dts[$s]],
    'AZ'=> $output1[$sts[2]][$dts[$s]],
    'CA'=> $output1[$sts[3]][$dts[$s]],
    'CO'=> $output1[$sts[4]][$dts[$s]],
    'CT'=> $output1[$sts[5]][$dts[$s]],
    'DE'=> $output1[$sts[6]][$dts[$s]],
    'FL'=> $output1[$sts[7]][$dts[$s]],
    'WI'=> $output1[$sts[45]][$dts[$s]],
    'WV'=> $output1[$sts[46]][$dts[$s]],
    'WY'=> $output1[$sts[47]][$dts[$s]]

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You could define your query fields first, then set your field values in a loop before executing the query.

Example (not tested):

$query = db_insert('HDD')->fields(array(

for ($s = 0; $s <= $cnt; $s++) {
    'HDDDAYS' => $time,
    'AL' => $output1[$sts[0]][$dts[$s]],
    'AR' => $output1[$sts[1]][$dts[$s]],


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