I'd like to use db_select() to extract values from a field collection attached to the user profile, to help speed up some complex Ajax forms (rather than loading the entire field collection, using standard entity queries, etc, etc).

Assuming I have the following:

Field Collection: field_my_address
Field 1: field_street_number (integer field)
Field 2: field_street_name (text field)
Field 3: field_city (taxonomy term reference field)

How would I go about doing this?

  • This is slightly too broad. Revisions necessary? But basically, my first stop when doing Drupal 7 db stuff is to look at the Dynamic Queries as well as understanding the field schema (field/revision).
    – mradcliffe
    Jul 9, 2018 at 0:26
  • Not interested in revisions; however, I'll browse through that reference and see what I can find... Standard queries, I've been ok with, but FC's are causing me pain!
    – Simo
    Jul 9, 2018 at 21:50
  • Without revisions, then you can join in field tables via field_data_[FIELD_NAME] e.g. field_data_field_street_name and make sure that entity_id and entity_type are set. My one gotcha there is that if you use a placeholder for entity_type, there's a bug (or hidden feature?) where you can only set the same placeholder name once. (Edit) You'll also need to look up the field storage schema (hook_field_schema) for those fields, but I think the columns would be FIELD_NAME_value and FIELD_NAME_tid respectively.
    – mradcliffe
    Jul 10, 2018 at 18:19

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I got it to work like this:

$pid = $profile->pid;

$query = db_query('SELECT nn.field_street_number_value AS number,
                          ss.field_field_street_name_value AS street, 
                          cc.field_city_tid AS city, 
         FROM field_data_field_my_address AS aa
         LEFT JOIN field_data_field_street_number AS nn ON aa.field_my_address_value = nn.entity_id 
         LEFT JOIN field_data_field_street_name AS ss ON aa.field_my_address_value = ss.entity_id 
         LEFT JOIN field_data_field_city AS cc ON aa.field_my_address_value = cc.entity_id 
         WHERE aa.entity_id = '.$pid);

$records = $query->fetchAll();

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