I'm trying to include a Drupal 8 Rocket Chat plugin module in my website. I installed the plugin module, set up a chat server, but I'm failing, of all places, at actually placing the block on a page (/chat). How do I do that? I'm completely new to Drupal.

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  • install the livechat module and rocket_chat module.
  • Setup the rocket_chat module.
  • Go to [Structure][Block layout]. there you can place the livechat block using the "Place block" button. This works as a normal block we recommend you add it to a footer or alike for performance.

Source: Rocket chat module README.md

In other words, go to /admin/structure/block find the Footer region and click on Place block search for "RocketChat Livechat" and click Place block.


You seem to want the block on a specific page rather than all pages, so to build on No Sssweat's answer:

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