I am creating a block in view. I have a content type with a field(plain text). I am passing contexual filter "content id" from url.

I am giving value in the fields as "www.facebook.com/SomePage" Now i want that to be created as link text from custom text in views.

In custom text i am providing

    <a href="{{ field_abc }}" target="_blank">Click Here</a>

Now when i click here it is redirecting me to "[sitename]/node/www.facebook.com/SomePage"

I want to open like www.facebook.com/SomePage.

How to do. Any suggestion?


I'd rather add a 'Custom text' field to the view, give it some text ("Click here"), and under "Rewrite Results" check "Output this field as a custom link", link path is {{ field_abc }} and then check "External server URL"

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