When using an exposed filter in a view while turning on Ajax doesn't generate a unique url.

Page with Ajax off


Page with Ajax on


Is this normal behavior of drupal or is there some setting i'm missing? I need to link to the page with some filters preset.

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Use Views Ajax history to accomplish what you are asking. There are a couple of bugs when using supporting modules such as Views Infinite Scroll, but for the most part this allows you to keep browser history as you add filters and change pages, allowing your user to use the forward and back buttons in their browser.


That is how Ajax is supposed to work, it doesn't refresh the page so it can't change the URL.

But the Exposed filter links should work even with Ajax enabled. Ajax is there just to speed things up, it doesn't provide vital structure.

If you need to provide ready-made Exposed filter links you can add them manually, in Views header, on other pages, or create menus of them. You could even do some Views Contextual filter magic with Summaries to provide the link filter combinations.

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