I have a two content type A and B, In 'A' content type I have added one Plain Text field called Instrument. and In 'B' content type I have added entity reference field of content 'A' called Music Band.

So, when I add the content in 'B', it shows title of content type 'A'(Entity reference) instead of value of Instrument field.

How should I get this?

Similarly, when I create a View and add relationship between two content type, I have not get value and displays repeated record.

What I missed it? Kindly help.

  • What exactly are you trying to do? It's not very clear. Do you want to display an Instrument on node type "B" (that is listed in the referenced "A" content), instead of the title of the referenced "A" node? You could do that with Views, sometimes it's called displaying the "child" node information (entity reference creates parent-child connection). I haven't tested this but you might also create a special View Display format for the Entity reference field to show Instrument instead of the node title. Your second question: what kind of Views are you trying to create and what to achieve? – prkos Jul 14 '18 at 20:59

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