I'm trying to create a view displaying products and some of their attributes. I created a product type and then products using the Commerce Module Interface.
Then created a item content type with product reference field so that each article references a store product.

I built a simple view displaying the item title and the item image
The view is displayed correctly and anonymous/authenticated users have access to it.

As soon as I add a Relationship to get the price of the commerce product data, I as an admin can still view it correctly but the view becomes 'private' and the only thing displayed is the overall view page name. No item is displayed, not even its title and image.
When i remove the Product reference relationship, the items title and images are displayed again.

I looked around in the roles permissions but i can't figure out what needs to be enabled or not.

What's weird is that the data id displayed correctly when viewing the actual nodes that are referencing the store products. The prices are there, the add to cart button, and different other informations.
So i don't understand why it's blocked when within a view

If someone faced a similar issue can help.

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