The code below downloads the current file, I need it to open the file in a new tab, what needs to be added in order to do so?

public function submitForm(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
     $filename = '/var/www/html/web/modules/custom/custom_module/sample.pdf';
     $response = new BinaryFileResponse($filename);
  • That’s not possible, tabs can only be opened by client-side code
    – Clive
    Commented Jul 23, 2018 at 16:03

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As @clive points out, this cannot be done on the server side. Check this post for a javascript based solution. You need to attach the javascript to your form during build. See below for an example of form build with a javascript attached to the submit element:

 * {@inheritdoc}
public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  // Assuming you are extending core \Drupal\Core\Form\FormBase class
  // and prior the lines below you built your form elements.
  $form['actions']['#type'] = 'actions';
  $form['actions']['submit'] = [
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => $this->t('Download file'),
    '#button_type' => 'primary',
    '#attached' => [
      'library' => 'your_module/submitToNewTab'

  return $form;

I was able to open the results of a form in a new tab, like this:

public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  $form['#attributes'] = ['target' => '_blank'];

public function submitForm(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
    ['node' => $calendarNid, 'startDate' =>  $startDate]


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