The webform status report states several libraries are needed. After downloading the zip file.. and extracting it. Where does '/libraries/' directory belong? ie: /modules/webform/libraries Or ???


It's literally /libraries in your web root, not in a subfolder. This is from the Base-Level Directories section of the Directory Structure docs (which began life here):

/libraries - All third party external libraries leveraged by Drupal, such as a WYSIWYG editor. This folder is not included by core, but used with many contributed modules.


It's written inside webform.libraries.yml where these 3rd party libraries are supposed to be located.

Their paths all start with /libraries/... (/ means Drupal web root) whereas Webform's own libraries paths all start with just js/... (which means relative to the webform.libraries.yml file).


You can use this drush command

drush webform-libraries-download

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