I'm flowing article to migration my data. Every fields is working fine. But field created doesn't working. Field created always insert time import.

I try replace field created with setting

  plugin: default_value
  default_value: 1389312000

but same result. So how to migration time created of node?

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Most likely your source plugin isn't supplying the created field to do what is done in the reference article:

source: plugin: custom_article destination: plugin: entity:node bundle: article process: ... created: created

This part of the source plugin config is saying, "import article nodes by setting its created field from the source column created generated by the custom_article plugin".


  plugin: default_value
  default_value: 1389312000

Is telling the migration to "set created to 1389312000 as a default (if there's no source plugin data"

If you're copying the reference article's modules/migrate_custom/src/Plugin/migrate/source/Article.php, you'll need to make sure your plugin's query() method is correctly querying its source so that's available for processing and

  created: created

Is set in your migration config so that it's sourced correctly.

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