I have added a view to a views area (footer) programmatically using the following in hook_views_pre_view():

$item = array(
  'id' => 'area2',
  'table' => 'views',
  'field' => 'view',
  'relationship' => 'none',
  'group_type' => 'group',
  'admin_label' => '',
  'empty' => NULL,
  'view_to_insert' => 'footer_view:page_1',
  'inherit_arguments' => false,
  'plugin_id' => 'view',

$view->setHandler($display_id, 'footer', 'area2', $item);

I do not want to use the contextual arguments from the view I have added this to, but I do want to set the footer_view arguments in code. Any ideas?

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