I added an external CSS to my theme. When I look at the source code the external file is not being rendered.

In my html.tpl.php file I have:

<?php print $styles; ?>

In my template.php. file I have:

function fire_preprocess_html(&$variables) {

  drupal_add_css('https://www.getmyfonts.com/assets/fonts/webfonts.css', array('type' => 'external'));


function fire_preprocess_node(&$vars) {

  // Custom CSS for content types
     if (isset($vars['node'])) {
    drupal_add_css(drupal_get_path('theme', 'fire') . '/assets/css/page-' . $vars['node']->type . '.css', array('group' => CSS_THEME));


I have this in my .info

stylesheets[all][] = assets/css/style.css
stylesheets[all][] = 
stylesheets[all][] = assets/css/rwd-table.min.css
stylesheets[print][] = assets/css/print.css

Any ideas on what I am missing?? Thank you

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