I am attempting to use the Flickr module flickr-8.x-1.0-alpha2 along with Flickr API and Colorbox module to display a album of recent photos from Flickr.com.

I have setup the API keys. and added flickr setings in Text formats and editors, but the it doesnt producing any output for the photoset.

However its working for single [flickr-photo:id=3711935987]. and when i tried with [flickr-photoset:id=72157626766436507] for photo album its not working . giving error in the Flickr module Notice: Undefined index: in Drupal\flickr\Service\Photos->photoGetSize();

does i miss any settings ?


It's likely you have photos in that set that aren't available in the size you've set the photos to display in.

Flickr module documentation > Sizes

TAKE CARE, the c (800px) size is missing on Flickr images uploaded before March 1, 2012. Check if it exists on the Flickr photo page > Actions > View all sizes.

More info and debug inspiration in the 7.x documentation: Flickr Editor Guide 7.x-1.7


The documentation is quite confusing in that point, but I think single images have a default size, photosets don't. You have to define it.

[flickr-photoset:id=72157626766436507, size=-]


[flickr-photoset:id=72157626766436507, size=z]

for example.

I managed to get it working that way. More about sizes in Flickr here: https://www.drupal.org/node/2477263

The default image size can be selected when configuring the Text Editor Format.

Also, try to create a new user and assign content editing privileges to him/her with the "Flickr" editor text format, and add the photos with that user account.

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