I just a new project in Drupal 8 and it's hosted on Acquias cloud using Dev Desktop 2 (DD later on). Now the project is working fine, but i can't use drush at all, as the settings.php is generated by DD as is the code for the DB conneciton.

if (isset($_SERVER['DEVDESKTOP_DRUPAL_SETTINGS_DIR']) && file_exists($_SERVER['DEVDESKTOP_DRUPAL_SETTINGS_DIR'] . '/cld_my_site_default.inc')) {
  require $_SERVER['DEVDESKTOP_DRUPAL_SETTINGS_DIR'] . '/cld_my_site_default.inc';

I found a post here where the suggested method was to create a local.settings.php and in it paste the contents of the file cld_my_site_default.inc but that's a dead end as i can't access that file.

Anyone knows how do i setup drush so i can update the core, as per this tut.

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in Acquia Dev Desktop application, when your project is selected there is a small icon on the right-hand side. If you press it will open CMD and the correct path will be autoselected. Drush up will work there.

Good Luck

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