I checked the documentation about the callbacks used from the batch API, but I didn't find any information about the finished callback being mandatory or not.

Is that callback mandatory or optional?

  • Just try it out yourself. Does it work? Also look at the docs and core code of batch implementations. Maybe it's not mandatory. Maybe it's best practice anyways. – leymannx Aug 7 '18 at 8:35

Finished callback is a optional function to show a message error, or even save the result.
Drupal core verifies if there is the finished callback, so there aren't problems if that callback is not defined.

 * Ends the batch processing.
 * Call the 'finished' callback of each batch set to allow custom handling of
 * the results and resolve page redirection.
function _batch_finished() {
  $batch = &batch_get();

  // Execute the 'finished' callbacks for each batch set, if defined.
  foreach ($batch['sets'] as $batch_set) {
    if (isset($batch_set['finished'])) {
      // Check if the set requires an additional file for function definitions.
      if (isset($batch_set['file']) && is_file($batch_set['file'])) {
        include_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/' . $batch_set['file'];
      if (is_callable($batch_set['finished'])) {
        $queue = _batch_queue($batch_set);
        $operations = $queue->getAllItems();
        call_user_func($batch_set['finished'], $batch_set['success'], $batch_set['results'], $operations, format_interval($batch_set['elapsed'] / 1000));
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