I have a view ("Tasks") that pulls in Task nodes, complete with sorting and filtering. Each Task can have multiple nodes attached via the "Related Articles" field (field_related_articles). I am trying to loop through each node (which can be a Video, Document, Article, etc.) and assign each link a class name depending on the type.

For example, a "Document" node attached to a Task would display a hyperlink with the document class. Video nodes will be video, and so on.

Here is my preprocess that is targeting the specific field:

function mytheme_preprocess_field__node__field_related_articles(&$variables) {
  $items = $variables['items'];

  foreach ($items as $index => $item) {
    $content_type = $item['content']['#options']['entity']->type->entity->label();
    $class_name = slugify($content_type); // custom function

    $variables['items'][$index]['attributes']['class'] = [$class_name];


When I inspect the $variables array, I see the following, which looks okay to me (but I can't be sure):

The items array inside $variables

As you can see, the attributes object now has a class value for each items value (I have two). However, in the HTML, the classes do not show up:

HTML output

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  • Can you show the twig template? It looks like you've rendered the top level attributes twice instead of the item attributes.
    – 4uk4
    Commented Aug 7, 2018 at 20:51

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So I finally figured out the problem.

I wasn't supposed to touch the $variables['items'][…]['attributes'] object, I was supposed to create a $variables['items'][…]['content']['#attributes'] array instead and put the class name(s) there.

Having done so, that now works.

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