We are trying to pull in some data from an outside source that serves JSON.

The structure of said json is like this:

        "desc":"some kind of desc.",
        "tags": [
                "displayName":"Tags 101"
    }, ...


We want to implode all tags.displayName values into one string. I'll use the body field as an example. In the UI, if you view the content, "body" would be:

Tag1|Tags 101|Dogs

In the "fields" section of my migration source yml file:

name: tagsCollection
label: "tagsCollection"
selector: tags

Then, in the process section of the YML file I've tried this:

    plugin: concat
    delimiter: "|"
     - stepsCollection

I've also looked into the iterator plugin. Nothing seems to click.

If I do this in the process section of the yml file:

body: stepsCollection

body will be "Array" in the UX. So it is aware that there is an array in that var.

What am I missing?? Many thanks

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The documentation examples of concat plugin use a flat, non-associative array of strings as source, you are trying to concat a nested array of JSON objects. You could try to subprocess your tags to only fetch/concat the displayName from them

  • How does this work? Example?
    – drupalfan
    Mar 31, 2023 at 9:58

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