With respect to the question, can anyone suggest a remedy for the same. How can I create a field for currency(with selecting currency and text field to enter the amount) considering the fact that there are multiple currencies.

I have tried adding prefix but it can input only a single value(for example $ or pound etc). I have also tried the currency module but it gives a single page with multiple currencies.


So to add a decimal field.

  • edit your content type.
  • manage fields
  • add new field
  • select Decimal from the Field Type dropdown, click the 'Save' button
  • Change 'Scale' to 2. These are the cents, 'Save field settings' button.
  • In the Prefix field add '$' and save settings.

enter image description here


You should install module 'currency', add a field of type Entity reference, and choose the 'currency' as the referred type.

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