I have defined the unique key of my migration with a specific field (field is defined in fields section). But, in several cases, I see that the source data of this field is empty. If the unique key is populated with 1 null value, the map of my migration has null values. It's a problem.

I want to test the source value and if no data, create a custom value. For this, I have created a custom source plugin, this plugin extends the url plugin, and alter the value of 1 field ('myfield'). I pass this field in the ids section of my config file. Here is the code:

class MyCustomPlugin extends Url  {
  * {@inheritdoc}
 public function prepareRow(Row $row) {
   // Retrieve the source data
   $default_data = $row->getSourceProperty('default_data');
   $second_data = $row->getSourceProperty('second_data');
   if (empty($default_data)) {
     $row->setSourceProperty('myfield', $second_data);
   return parent::prepareRow($row);

But, the loop on each item seems to be broken. Only the first item is upgraded. I think that the ids() function must receive a value with another method.

How can I resolve my problem and send the custom value in my ids() function for all items ?

Thanks for your help.

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