I have a file attach field in my webform. When i have submit my webform without this field,in my email content showing like "ATTACHED FILE: [webform_submission:values:attach_file]". I have checked "Exclude empty elements" in my email handler.This is working for all other fields in my form except this "File attach" field.How can i solve this issue?


Similar question was recently answered by the Webform module developer at drupal.org:

"You might just need to append the :clear prefix.

[webform_submission:values:element_value] => [webform_submission:values:element_value:clear]"


So, in your case use replacement pattern: [webform_submission:values:attach_file:clear]

  • Thank you..its working.But now the link (if i have attached file) is missing and link to file is showing as plain text.Can i solve this? – salu Aug 12 '18 at 19:20

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