I am unable to get a correct content page after clicking on Content >> Add Content in Drupal 7 .

What I am getting is this.

Incorrect display -> original issue

I am expecting to get the following.

Actual and correct content page

Please help resolve.

After deleting Slide_Show_final_v1.0, I get this.

After Deleting SLide_Show

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  • Please try using the default theme bartik, if not then what is the url you are getting after clicking on Add Content? – user1768942 Aug 10 at 6:57
  • In your theme /node/add link has been replaced with given content type, Have you tried using the bartik ? – user1768942 Aug 10 at 7:09
  • I have made a lot of changes in my current theme. And it has been approved by my manager. Any sort of help is welcome – Sucheta_drupal Aug 10 at 7:12
  • Just removed the hard coded link which has full path /node/add/slide--- to /node/add. Thanks that is it – user1768942 Aug 10 at 7:18

if clicking "Add content" (node/add) sends you to 'devuser/node/add/slide-show-final-v1-0' then there's something redirecting you. Does the same thing happen if you manually enter 'node/add' in the browser address bar?

While trying to find the problem you could also try switching admin theme to 'Seven' (which is the default admin theme).

  • Yeah ... when i do node/add ...i get the same content page. Switching to another theme is not in my hand. – Sucheta_drupal Aug 11 at 8:23

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