I have a View displaying the content of a Custom Content Entity.
The first output I created is a Page display (accessible with a path and an option in a menu).
As expected, this is displayed in the 'Content' region of the default theme (see capture below).
I'd like to output the result in a full width region of the theme, i.e. without the content of 'Sidebar First' (User account menu, Search).
I duplicated the Page Display as a Block Display and placed it. But, of course, it appears on every page of the site :-(
So I created a single basic page (node/xx) and I configured the block to show only in this page. But I had to hide 'User account menu' and 'Search' on this page too. Is there a more simple way to achieve this?

enter image description here


You are going about this the wrong way. Start again with a page display for your view.

Now you want to remove the sidebar from that page. Two ways you might do that:

There are other approaches but these are probably the simplest to implement.

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