Is there any module which works the same as facebook's user wall?

On facebook's wall, users can post/share anything and friends can also post/comment.


I am able to do it without statuses. But I used formblock, rules, heartbeat.

  1. I created a content type wall post with user reference field and body field.

  2. I showed the node/add/wall-post block on profile page using formblock.

  3. I created form_alter to set default value of user reference field to profile autor id.

  4. I hid the user reference field using css.

  5. I created the rule "redirect user to profile page after saving wall post" so that when user post it will come back to same profile.

  6. I cloned the heartbeat template "heartbeat_add_node" to create "heartbeat_add_wall_post" and set its content to "!username has posted on !username2 wall. !node_body".

  7. I updated above rule and added one more action "log a user activity" = heartbeat_add_wall_post". Set the Entity ID to [node:nid], User ID to [node:author:uid], User target ID to [node:my-user_reference_filed] and provided the values for !username, !username2 and !node_body.

  8. And showed the user activity stream block on profile page. User can also comment the logged activity and heartbeat saved comments to original wall post.

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  • Heartbeat is no longer on active development. They recommend using the message framework. – Druvision Dec 3 '13 at 6:12

Yes, but it's under development. It's called statuses.

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  • Well, I tried this with statuses but it is very unstable and I am unable to post on other users wall. – jibran Apr 20 '12 at 20:46
  • Now we got a beta release and the core is stable enough. drupal.org/node/1709916 – Mathankumar Sep 5 '12 at 6:33
  • Statuses now works and seem stable. – Druvision Dec 3 '13 at 8:00
  • @Druvision It may work now, but it still hasn't had a stable release for D7, so I think it's fair to say that it's still under development. – Patrick Kenny Dec 4 '13 at 1:15

There are couple of modules that could help you, Although you would still have to write a bunch of custom modules and install bunch of modules.

start by downloading this module fb module

theres another under dev module statuses

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  • What would you use the fb module for? As far as I know, the fb module is for integrating facebook and Drupal. This question is about how to add a wall feature (not specifically facebook's wall) within Drupal. Also, the fb module has no stable release for D7. – Patrick Kenny Mar 28 '12 at 14:29

You may want to look at the Disqus module.

DISQUS is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.

Disqus Features

  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Powerful moderation and admin tools
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists
  • Support for Disqus community widgets
  • Connected with a large discussion community
  • Increased exposure and readership
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  • In which way does the Disqus module help creating a Facebook wall? – kiamlaluno Mar 31 '12 at 13:19

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