I using feeds module for import data from xml to node.

I have XML:

<title>Example 1</title> <!-- map to node title-->
<body>Body of example 1</body> <!-- map to node title-->
SELECT tid, vid, name FROM term_data;
tid vid name
15  19  My_term

If I map <term_name> to my node taxonomy term (and term name exist) its working.
But If i map <term_tid> to my node taxonomy term (and term tid exist) it's NOT working. Why?

Thanks for helping


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before importing nodes from a site that contains taxonomy terms , try first to import all taxonomy terms ( you can use taxonomy manager ).

Feeds will add a term with a new tid if It not exist , not the same as tid of the site from where you export

  • All taxonomy term that i need exists. And I dont add new term by feeds (if doens't exist). I what map taxonomy term by nid
    – kubedan
    Mar 28, 2012 at 14:45

I solve for category_tid:

function my_module_feeds_after_parse(FeedsImporter $importer, FeedsSource $source) {
if ($source != null && $source->id == 'import_my_module') {  
  $vid = 19 //id of vocabulary
    foreach ($source->batch->items as & $item) {
      if (($category = db_fetch_object(db_query("SELECT tid, vid, name, description FROM {term_data} WHERE tid= %d AND vid = %d", $item['<term_tid>'], $vid))) !== FALSE) {
        $item['<term_tid>'] = new FeedsTermElement($category);

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