By default the Views module doesn't put title attributes on anchors as it only puts them on anything that has an alt attribute.

Seeing as you're not likely to have an alt attribute on a standard anchor. Could someone please advise what you need to do in order to render Views anchors with title attribute?


You can supply your own 'alt' attribute (and thus 'title' when rendered) by outputting your field as a link. Choose "Output this field as a link", and enter the path, and alt text from the available tokens. Sometimes you might have to define a separate 'path' field for use in the 'link path' value. You might also have to experiment with the "Use absolute path" setting to get the href right.


You can do this:

In your Content: Title expand Rewrite Results and check Rewrite the output of this field

In the Text field enter: <a id="[title]">[title]</a> This will create your anchor jump point.

Next you can add a block and repeat the same process replacing Text field with <a href="#[title]">[title]</a>

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