I have a the view 'Browse Products by Category'

with the path: /taxonomy/term/%

and a contextual filter: Product: Category (field_category)

and let's say I have these categories:

  • Sensors

--- Accelerometers

--- Current Sensors

--- Direction Sensors

  • Robotics & Motors

--- Dc Geared Motors

--- Digital Servo

--- Motor Drivers

then if I selected 'Sensors', I get no products, although there are products tagged with 'Accelerometers'

Is there anyway that I can configure view to show products in sub categories.

That could be done easily when showing contents but not commerce products, case content offers a contextual filter that supports depth out-of-box.

enter image description here enter image description here

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There are two approaches to solving this problem:

  1. Use the product_taxonomy_filter module to add the missing filter. Note that the performance impact of this module is unclear (it adds a subquery since it can't rely on the taxonomy_index table).

  2. Build your product catalog the recommended way, using Search API. The official docs cover this use case (via adding the "Index hierarchy") processor.

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