I'm using below modules for image crop


Returning data in JSON API.

Using multiple paragraphs for images. I have 1 image as logo & 1 image as content.

For 1 image it's showing correct image width & height, X & Y co-ordinates (derivatives).

But for multiple image it copy same height, width, x, y co-ordinates to other images.

So it's not showing image wise derivatives for multiple images.

Once image is uploaded it saved to cloudinary.

"meta": {
"derivatives": {
"box": "http://res.cloudinary.com/XXX/image/upload/s--CJHoE3mM--/c_crop,h_400,w_400,x_29,y_46/test.jpg?itok=4GARJEFS",
"thumbnail": "http://res.cloudinary.com/XXX/image/upload/s--vlxu-1hL--/c_fit,h_100,w_100/test.jpg?itok=hed-1-Mh",
"wide": "http://res.cloudinary.com/XXX/image/upload/s--4-Vk3FhO--/c_crop,h_200,w_356,x_76,y_86/test.jpg?itok=GOzme5ht"

Does anyone faced this issue?


You can try the code

use Drupal\image\Entity\ImageStyle;
use Drupal\file\Entity\File;

$filed_images = $paragraphs->get('field_image')->getValue();
 $images =[];
 foreach ($filed_images as $image) {
            $images[] = ImageStyle::load('273x273')
  • It's loading image style for another image as well. But it's same value – Julia Aug 22 '18 at 11:52

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