I want to drop a field from db table which is named as read. I tried like;

db_drop_field('my_table', 'read');
db_drop_field('my_table', '`read`');
db_drop_field('my_table', `read`);

None of these work.

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Just run a custom query:

db_query('ALTER TABLE my_table DROP COLUMN `read`');

The API functions don't cover every possible edge case, and dropping fields named as reserved words happens to be one of them.

When that fails, executing a standard SQL query is the best option.

  • Was just about to suggest using a mysql client to do that work - sometimes these things cannot be done from code. – Kevin Aug 23 at 16:04
  • If you can do it from any other client, you can do it from PHP @Kevin - they're using the same protocols under the hood – Clive Aug 23 at 16:13

Read is a reserved word, but your problem has an easy solution (I test it and works)

Change your field name to reading

And then use:

db_drop_field('your_table', 'reading');

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