I've created a feeds importer (CSV parser) and I need to import data that is not in the source csv, into a field of my content type.

The field in the content type (taxonomy term) is:

enter image description here

My feeds importer machine name is: football_data_co_uk and the Source and Target field are set as this:

enter image description here

In my module, I'm using the following code to import the data:

function soccer_feeds_processor_targets_alter(array &$targets, $entity_type, $bundle) {
  // Set a custom value setter callback for the my field on my node type.
  if ($entity_type == 'node' && $bundle == 'football_data_co_uk_games') {
    if (isset($targets['field_season'])) {
      $targets['field_season']['callback'] = 'soccer_set_season_value';

function soccer_set_season_value(FeedsSource $source, $entity, $target, array $values, array $mapping) {
  if ($source->id == 'football_data_co_uk') {
        if (!empty($mapping['season'])) {
            $entity->{$target}[$entity->language][0]['tid'] = $mapping['season'];

function soccer_import() {
  $feeds_importer = 'football_data_co_uk';
  $feeds_source = feeds_source($feeds_importer);

  $season = '1819';
  $path = 'http://football-data.co.uk/mmz4281/1819/P1.csv';

  // Get the current field mappings. 
  $field_mappings = $feeds_source->importer->processor->getMappings(); 

  foreach ($field_mappings as &$mapping) {
    // Add an arbitrary value to the mapping of field_multijob_build for 
    // use later in the processor target callback. 
    if ($mapping['target'] == 'field_season') {
      $mapping['season'] = $season;

  // Set the new field mappings. 
  $feeds_source->importer->processor->addConfig(array('mappings' => $field_mappings)); 

  // The previous call to FeedsProcessor::getMappings() cached 
  // the mapping, so we need to clear that before we run the import. 

  $feeds_config = $feeds_source->getConfigFor($feeds_source->importer->fetcher);
  $feeds_config['source'] = $path;

  $config = array(
    'process_in_background' => TRUE,

  $feeds_source->setConfigFor($feeds_source->importer->fetcher, $feeds_config);

  while (FEEDS_BATCH_COMPLETE != $feeds_source->import());

When I call the soccer_import function, my data is imported, the nodes are created, but the season field is not.

I have managed to implement this before but the source file was xml and not csv. In the mapping configuration I added a blank source. In this case, that option is not available.

Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.

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