I have a view that lists faculty members in a table. Everything was working fine until I decided to go into incognito mode to view the table. It wasn't rendering anything at all. So I went back and tried a few things:

  1. Since it was a view/display issue, I thought it was caused from the permissions. So I changed all the permissions to access: none (and a bunch of other combinations). This didn't seem to be the issue.

  2. Selecting Bypass content access control worked fine, but I don't want to use this because of the security implications.

  3. Getting rid of the relationships works, but I need the relationships.

Note that this view works if I am logged in as administrator user; it doesn't work when I am in incognito mode (logged out/anonymous user). So I suspect it is a permission issue (given that "Bypass content access control" worked), but I am not really sure.

I have 6 different pages in this view.


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The above link solved it for me (#5: Disable SQL Rewriting).

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