I am using jsonapi to PATCH(update) a content in a content type called "engagement". All the APIs including patch are working fine. However, when I am trying to update a new value to a field with multiple value support, it is replacing existing content with new one added. So, if I already had 2 value and later add one via PATCH. It replaces the first with the new one.

  1. Request type: PATCH
  2. Post Body:
    "type": "node--engagement",  
    "id": "a799952f-0528-409e-bf9b-707469e35d68",  
    "attributes": {  
        "body": {  
            "format": "full_html"  
    "relationships": {  
        "field_attendance": {  
            "data": [  
                    "type": "paragraph--attendance",  
                    "id": "12qw",  
                    "meta": {  
                        "target_revision_id": "12"  

The field am referring to is field_attendance. I am able to add any no. of data while updating/creating. However not able to update new ones.

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