In an RTL (Hebrew) site I created a view that displays linked-headings of the webpages of a certain content type.

The view's title is on the right (as common in RTL languages) but the linked-headings are to the left.

I will change the CSS manually if needed but is there a way to change it directly from the Views module itself?


An alternative way so you don't have to change css all the time.

You can probably setup a generic RTL css rule in your theme (one time)

.rtl {
    direction: rtl;

and use this rule in each of your views under advanced > css class as you see fit.

Alternatively as Leymannx points out you can add global text area in the header of your view and add the following css

<style>.view {direction: rtl;}</style>

using Full HTML format as shown in the screenshots below

enter image description here enter image description here

NOTE: view class is included in all views so this solution could potential affect all views on the page

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