I ask this question as a follow up to Drag and drop nodes in a node list (to later use that sorting inside a view).

I need to sort the items of a view in a "free" drag and drop sort, not "rigidily" as with regular view sorting methods. To do so, I've installed and enabled DraggableViews and added its sorting criteria (Global: draggable views).

I found no way to actually sort the items in the view. For example:

  1. In the view, I don't have any direct GUI to drag and drop items.

  2. In the view, I have no respective contextual link for editing it in a drag and drop manner.

I think it's a common issue; Though I tried what #10 said I didn't quite understand #22.

What did I miss when trying to activate the drag and drop functionality, if at all?

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  • "In the view"? You don't normally do this at the view's edit mode. You configure the view like Giorgos said, then place it as block or page somewhere maybe in the back-end to let editors do their sorting and then have the second display taken account of that order as sort criteria and output it anywhere in the front-end as block or page. – leymannx Sep 1 '18 at 19:07
  • Actually this all is pretty well documented: drupal.org/node/283498 – leymannx Sep 1 '18 at 19:10
  • I didn't know the webpage you referred me to till now, I thought that any explanation of basic use should be either in a module's page or in its README and that sometimes only PHP knowledge is needed to understand how to work with a given module. I now learned of the sidelink (in the module's page) for "community documentation" which is external to either a module's page or a module's README. – JohnDoea Sep 1 '18 at 20:00
  • Since you don't describe in details what you did, we cannot tell you what you missed. We can only repeat what the documentation says, adding some screenshots, using different words, but we cannot be sure it's a bug in the version you are using (which is not reported in the question). The answer is repeating what the documentation says, and the user who answered is confirming it worked for him, using the development snapshot. – kiamlaluno Sep 2 '18 at 8:17
  • I think I gave enough details there, what else would you give?... – JohnDoea Sep 2 '18 at 11:14

Install the DraggableViews module as you usually do with modules. For simplicity, on the following example, I will create just a view with two displays (one for ordering and one for displaying).

  1. Create a new display (In the screenshots, it's called order.)
  2. Change its format to table
  3. In Fields, add Draggableviews: Content after the title field (The documentation says this is important.)
  4. In Sort criteria, add Draggableviews: DraggableViews Weight


  5. Create a new display (In the screenshots, it's called display.)

  6. Set Format to the value you want to use
  7. In Sort criteria, add Draggableviews: DraggableViews Weight


You can now use the order display for ordering (by dragging them) the nodes, and the display display to show them.

If what I described doesn't work with the version you are using, try the development snapshot. I used that to test the module, and it worked as I described.

composer require drupal/draggableviews:1.x-dev

Find documentation to the DraggableViews module in its documentation page under external documentation section of drupal.org.

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