I would like to create a custom WorkflowType in Drupal 8.5. I looked at the Content Moderation source, and it is a massive set of code. I don't mind coding, but is all the source for Content Moderation specific to a WorkflowType or is it a lot of boilerplate?

What I really want to know is if that massive amount of code is required for a new WorkflowType, as in created from scratch?

As an example, if I had a doctor's office. The patient needs surgery, but that surgery requires lots of approvals in the workflow. Each state may have its own content type or a simply approval of an existing content type instance.

A simpler one is an employee wanting time off.

I don't know another way to ask other than this specific question.

I have looked here,


"In order to create workflows you need to install a module that provides a workflow type."




I was able to get the test module to work. It does not seem as large.

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