I modified a field dependency on my Call content type. Features did not track the change automatically. I cannot figure out how to manually add it to features.

screen shot of field dependencies on call content type

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This is a way to it:

  • Add the feature exportable manually to the module.info.

  • You can check the available features with the drush features-list command. You have to find the field dependency format within that list, it could be a variable that looks like your field name.

  • If you module.info has the new field dependency, you can update the feature drush fu myfeature_module

  • Then review the generated files, maybe with git diff. You should see the change.

I am not sure what an exported field dependency looks like, there are different formats, these are examples so that you have an idea of what it would look like:

features[ctools][] = field_group:field_group:1

features[ctools][] = strongarm:strongarm:1

features[features_api][] = api:2

features[field_base][] = field_image

features[field_group][] = group_teaser|node

features[field_instance][] = node-about_page-field_image

features[node][] = about_page

features[variable][] = comment_about_page
  • I think you're talking about module dependencies. I'm asking about field dependencies on a content type (the field dependency determines when the field is visible to a user). Sep 7, 2018 at 14:39

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