In Drupal 8, I activated the Message module and the Message Example sub-module.

These are the fields I added to the template to create a message when a new comment is created.

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This is the content of the message.

1) [message:node-title]
2) [message:field_node_reference:entity:title]

These are the tokens that are listed as available.

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[message:node-title] is replaced from the title of the parent node, but [message:field_node_reference:entity:title] is not replaced. Why?

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[message:field_node_reference:entity:title] is not replaced with the node title because, for a example_create_comment message template, the field_node_reference field doesn't contain any valid node reference.

In fact, the Message example module uses the following code to return the value of the [message:node-title] token. (See message_example_tokens().)

    case 'node-title':
      if ($message->bundle() == 'example_create_comment') {
        $replacements[$original] = $message->field_comment_reference->entity->getCommentedEntity()->label();
      else {
        $replacements[$original] = $message->field_node_reference->get(0)->entity->label();

When the message bundle (the message template) is example_create_comment, it gets the node title using the field_comment_reference field ($message->field_comment_reference->entity->getCommentedEntity()->label()), not the field_node_reference field that is used for the other message templates.

The [message:field_node_reference:entity:title] token is added from the Token module, which adds a token for each field a content entity has. (Message is a content entity, and Message template is its bundle.) The Token module doesn't know if there is another field to use when the field_node_reference field doesn't contain any valid reference, so the token is not replaced.

If you want to get the node title in any case, you need to use the [message:node-title] token.

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