Because of imposibility to add a description field to an imagefield in D8, I would to map thecontent of the D6 description field to the D8 title field of the imagefield.

But it actually doesn't work.This is my actual code for my yml:

    plugin: sub_process
    source: field_galerie_image_vdl
        plugin: migration_lookup
        migration: upgrade_d6_file
        source: fid
      alt: alt
      #mappage de la description à la place du titre car pas encore possible dans D8
      title: description
#      description: description
      display: list
    plugin: skip_on_empty
    method: process   

If someone knows. Thanks

  • Did you wrong tab indent again? – MrD Sep 18 '18 at 16:16
  • I don't think so, because files are linked, title and alt are good if they do exist. Wrong mapping perhaps ? – webmaster pf Sep 19 '18 at 8:11

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