We have a Documents bundle which is a list of documents, and an Accordeon which includes the previous one.

|    |
|    |--- DOCUMENTS

With this choice, I can attach documents directly to the node or to Accordeon sub-elements.

How can I list the most recent documents in a view? (I have to mix file_managed directly linked to the node and file_managed linked to the paragraph which is linked to the node.)

Is it possible from the view setting, or do I have to alter the query with hook_views_query_alter()?

  • I take you mean that the second content type has an entity reference field that references nodes of the first content type. In Drupal, a content type cannot contain another content type. – kiamlaluno Sep 18 '18 at 18:37
  • @kiamlaluno : I am using "paragraphs" so DOCUMENTS is a paragraph, and ACCORDEON is also one. And my problem is I don't know how to access to a paragraph that is in a paragraph using Views . – jteks Sep 19 '18 at 8:56

Finally I choose to create a View of type File and to alter data with the hook_views_pre_render(). I can now do queries and other custom treatments and set the results data of my view.

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