In my case the noads are stored in three different languages. How can add a condition, where I specify the language for the title that need to be loaded?

foreach($references as $reference){
    if($node = Node::load($reference->nid)){
      $url = Url::fromRoute('entity.node.canonical', array('node' => $node->id()))->toString();
      $link = '<a href="'.$url.'">'.$this->t($node->getTitle()).'</a>';
      $render .= '<li>'.$link.'</li>';

Where $references is an array of nids.

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    In general, never use t() with user input (only as placeholders) as that could lead to security issues. Entities also have a toLink() method, wihch returns a Link object that has a toString(), so you can simplify your two lines to $node->getTranslation()->toLink()->toString(). There is also a links template, but it unfortunately doesn't work with Link objects, instead it expects a list of arrays with the keys title and url, which is an Url object that you can get with $node->toUrl(). – Berdir Sep 19 '18 at 9:33
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    And last, your $reference->nid object looks suspicously like a database query result. In case you are querying the node table, you should use an entity query instead. – Berdir Sep 19 '18 at 9:34

You can load the translation separately with ContentEntityBase::getTranslation, e.g.:

if ($node->hasTranslation('es')) {
  $translation = $node->getTranslation('es');
  $translated_title = $translation->label();

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