I am loading a term and trying to get the author or owner of the term, however I can not see any function under the Term Class

On the other hand I can see the translation author being present on the edit page.

Any way to retrieve author for Term?


This is not part of Drupal core. There's a module which provides this capability for D7, Taxonomy Term Author Info but it's not been officially ported to D8 although there is an unofficial port at https://github.com/worthingtonlibraries/term_authoring_info


As Alfred Armstrong states this is not possible as part of Drupal core as the default fields for Taxonomy doesn't include a User field.

However, in D8 Taxonomy is just another entity type so it would be a fairly simply process to add a new field at Structure >> Taxonomy >> {{ Name }} >> Manage fields with the type being Reference >> User

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