I have some nodes in my site

Day         Color   Type    Value
01-01-2018  blue    A       4
02-01-2018  yellow  B       3
02-01-2018  orange  C       2
03-01-2018  red     B       8

I need to show this data in the following way (NOT USING VIEWS):

enter image description here

Does anyone knows if it's possible using the table theme in Drupal? I don't think it's possible to have the double header either.

Is there any other way to achieve this?


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You'll have to flatten the data yourself, as you're grouping by date (you'd have to regardless of the double header and colspans), but yes, theme_table can accommodate that.

I haven't tested this but it should be at least near to working. The key points to note are colspan, which does what you'd think, and header, which will mark a cell to be rendered as <th> rather than <td>. Meaning you can stuff the second row of headers into the body. Not ideal, as they'll be inside a <tbody>, but I suspect good enough.

$header = [
    'data' => '',
    'colspan' => 2,
    'data' => 'Type',
    'colspan' => 3,

$rows = [
      'data' => 'Day',
      'header' => TRUE,
    // Other header rows here, with 'header' => TRUE

// Loop through your grouped data
foreach ($data as $item) {
  $rows[] = [

$build = [
  '#theme' => 'table',
  '#header' => $header,
  '#rows' => $rows,

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