How can I create a group/role/taxonomy term or anything else to group specific users ? I also want to display the "group/role/taxonomy term or anything else" on the users profile.

For example: I go to example.com/user/1 and I see all of his details AND that he has the administrator-"group/role/taxonomy term or anything else".

Thanks in advance (I am a noob here)

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Roles have a set of permissions, so they are ideal if you will have a set of users editing certain types of content, like blog posts, and another group of user commenting on the content. You can create both new roles and permissions.

  • Roles: /admin/people/roles
  • Permissions: /admin/people/permissions

You can also add fields to the users, like a taxonomy where they choose whether they are a dog person or a cat person.

  • Manage fields: /admin/config/people/accounts/fields
  • Manage form display: /admin/config/people/accounts/form-display

Then, you can choose which fields will be displayed on the user profile page

  • Manage display: /admin/config/people/accounts/display
  • A combination out of roles and taxonomy terms worked great, thanks!
    – Mayari
    Sep 24, 2018 at 13:54

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